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Olive oil biobosco
Smoked beetroot with mozzarella


For basil oil
* 5 dcl Extra virgin olive oil Biobosco 
* Spinach
* 1 handle Basil
* Ice cubes

For the marinade
* 2 Beet
* Pepper
* Extra virgin olive oil Biobosco
* Rice vinegar
* Salt

For decoration
* Pine sprocket
* 2 ball mozzarella with buffalo milk
* Pepper
* Lemon zest
* Basil
* Bread
* 4 Beet
* Salt


1. Wait for the smoker to reach a maximum temperature of about 100 degrees Celsius. Place the beets on the rack above the coals. I tested several versions: split vegetables, wrapped in a leaf, or simply dressing gown. I got the best results with wrapped beets and those that were cracked.
2. Smoke them for two hours. Peel them before slicing. Peel two non-smoked beets for the marinade. Slice them with the mandolin.
3. Place each kind of beet in bowls and pour in two doses of oil and a dose of vinegar. Season the dish with salt and pepper. Wash the basil and blanch it in boiling water. Refresh it with ice water (water + ice cubes of course) and drain it.
4. Mix olive oil with basil and spinach. Add the last touch with roasted pine nuts. Cut the mozzarella into pieces. Make a plate with mozzarella and smoked beets.
To finish
Garnish with pine nuts, pickled beets and capers. Finish with black pepper, a lemon zest and some tears of basil oil. Serve with bread. Enjoy your meal !