Biobosco is synonymous with quality, we are always looking for products that enhance the taste and excellence they represent, which is why we fell in love with the Tuscan countryside, its unmistakable flavors that remain immaculate over time, its landscapes, art and some wine..! To deepen our continuous search for quality and to learn the secrets of the agriculture of this beautiful region and the World of Wine, we arrived in Rufina, from the Grati family, who cultivate and produce an excellent wine in their beautiful estate, where in exclusive, we have selected ten-year vineyards that produce a truly special nectar for refined palates. Thanks to the experience of over five generations and with a genuine flavor, dictated by the passion and attention of the various steps. We are sure that we at Biobosco have chosen a collaboration that will bring a Wine to your tables, the fruit of passion and love enclosed in a unique and unmistakable flavor.


Our passion for olive growing and olive oil production gives birth to a collaborative team specialized in the extraction, bottling and export of high quality olive oil under the BIOBOSCO brand.

Biobosco extra virgin olive oil is the best and the pure oil extracted from hand-picked olives cold-pressed only with mechanical procedures, respecting the standards of organic agriculture from the plantation to the production process. A fruity oil with an incomparable scent, is now invited to all tables.


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